World Federation of Traditional Kings

An Invitation to all Traditional Leaders to Join the World Federation of Traditional Kings

Dr. Chris Crowell
International Director
World Federation
of Traditional Kings

It is a pleasure to extend a warm invitation to all traditional rulers to register as Honored Members of the World Federation of Traditional Kings founded to honor, support and fulfill the age-old parental role of administration embodied in the life of traditional leaders of the world.

We look forward to welcoming you to this brotherhood of sovereign rulers dedicated to peace, progress and prosperity for all people.

We recognize the traditional rulers of every land—be they called Kings, Rajas, Emirs, Obas, Sultans, Chiefs, Reys, Caciques or other great name in their mother tongue—with the title of Traditional King to show the greatest respect for their status in our global family.

Traditional King are rising to be true Custodians of Peace, the glorious bright stars in the world for the light of peace perpetual, because in their parental role they are able to maintain the efficient administration of society through Natural Law and uphold the precious language, customs, and traditions of their people that have been cherished generation after generation.

The World Federation of Traditional Kings applauds this global vision of the hereditary parental ruler who governs society like a loving father reflecting the way that Nature perfectly provides for all of creation like a caring and compassionate parent.

Traditional cultures around the world recognize that Nature quietly promotes the evolution of life everywhere. All the diverse cultural values and traditions of humankind are based on the local expression of Nature in the climate and geography where people are found.

The unfortunate threat that traditional cultures face today is a simple reflection of the dangerous trend of destruction in the world that threatens all humanity. In response to this, we have joined with a consortium of educational and charitable organizations in over 100 countries in the founding of a Global Country of World Peace that displays the vision of a country without borders for all those who love peace.

The Global Country of World Peace is based on Unity Consciousness and upholds the sovereignty of all nations, cultures, and peoples—while reducing the divisive influence of nationalism and national borders that arbitrarily separate humanity from humanity. It will serve as a counterbalance to those that may promote conflict and division and destroy life in the name of creating peace.

The World Federation of Traditional Kings is focused on programs to nourish all cultures through parental role of traditional rulers. These include: prevention-oriented natural healthcare that is free of damaging side-effects; architecture and construction in harmony with nature to build fortune-creating homes and villages; Consciousness-Based education to support the total development of the brain physiology so every student may unfold his full creativity and intelligence; innovative economic programs to allow every nation to become self-sufficient and prosperous, especially through large-scale economic development organic agriculture projects producing healthful foods for export; and social programs to promote coherence in collective consciousness so that society is integrated, progressive and crime-free for national invincibility so that every country is naturally protected from negative influences either from outside or within.

With great respect and good wishes,

Dr. Chris Crowell
International Director
World Federation of Traditional Kings

For more information or to register,
please contact:

World Federation of Traditional Kings
Station 24 • 6063 NP Vlodrop • Netherlands