Consciousness-Based Education

Uganda1The greatest resource of any culture is the creativity and intelligence of its people.

Awakening the full potential of every person, young and old, is a priority for the World Federation of Traditional Kings and its affiliates. This can be achieved through innovative approaches to education that have been proven to to develop the total potential of the brain functioning—consciousness, creativity and intelligence.

02Consciousness Based education develops the total brain potential so that the individual and society reflect the infinite potential of every person. When education is truly effective every individual will naturally reflect the values of natural law that form the basis of culture in a particular climate and geography. Then the rich diversity of local cultures becomes vital and meaningful even in the midst of a world that is more and more globalized.

Education projects currently underway include Maori students in Aoteroa/New Zealand, Aboriginal students in Australia, Native American students in USA, Kuna Yala students in Latin America and children in Kenya, Ghana, Uganda, and South Africa.