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JMCA2World Day of Africa Culture: The World Day of Africa Culture (La JMCA Journée Mondiale de la Culture Africaine • was held in Lomé, Togo from 22 – 24 January 2016 featuring a special day to celebrate the rich culture of Africa. The conference was inspired by The Charter of the African Cultural Renaissance adopted 24 January 2006 by the Heads of State and Governments of the African Union at the end of their sixth ordinary session held in Khartoum.

Attending World Day of Africa Culture was a delegation of 40 kings from Bénin, headed by WTKF member His Majesty King Yeto Kandji. Their special guest was WFTK Ambassador Guy Sogoyou of Lome. The Kings were invited as “guardians of traditions” and “knowledge holders” for the promotion and consolidation of peace.

WFTK Ambassador Guy Sogoyou made a special presentation to the Bénin delegation about the programs of the World Federation of Traditional Kings and its mission to support them in their parental role as custodians of traditional values and promoters of progressive development for their people. The presentation was enthusiastically received and Ambassador Sogoyou was invited to Benin for further meetings and program implementation.

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Bénin Delegation photos from left: His Majesty King Yeto Kandji; World Federation of Traditional Kings Ambassador Guy Sogoyou; Two honored members of the Bénin Royal Delegation; His Majesty King Tonfa II.

Honors for Cultural Scholarship: A Doctor of Natural Law Honoris Causa was awarded to STOLCEL of the WSANEC People of British Columbia, Canada by Maharishi University of Management, USA. STOCEL was recognized for his outstanding work in correlating two levels of expression of the Language of Nature: the traditional language of the WSANEC People to the ancient sounds of Natural Law preserved in the Vedic Tradition of India. His work showed the intimate connection of all languages to their source in the cosmic intelligence of Nature.