Cultural Integrity and Social Harmony

Cultural Integrity, Harmony and World Peace

Culture is the direct expression of Nature that gives rise to the unique values needed to maintain maximum progress in any geographic or climatic area.

Cultures do not have to be come weakened or lost due to the disruption of foreign influence. A dynamic and vital culture—deeply connected to its own identify, to its source in Natural Law, will eagerly adopt influences that promote true progress while eliminating those that may harm the well-being of society. A healthy culture is like a healthy body, immune to that which may cause damage to its constituents.

For a body to be healthy, every cell must be fully awake and working in perfect harmony to allow the full intelligence of the physiology to be expressed.

For a culture to be lively and maintain its integrity, it must be stable, adaptable, integrated, purifying, and always growing.

These fundamentals of culture are enlivened in the individual and society by unfolding higher states of consciousness so that one’s thoughts and behavior reflect the evolutionary impulse of cosmic life that upholds the diversity of perfect harmony.

The life of the community and nation then become spontaneously unified and integrated and on the basis of this unity diversity can blossom in a beautiful mosaic of differences enriching each other. Only then can problems such as ethnic and religious conflict be eliminated in the world family.

The World Federation of Traditional Kings is creating model schools to empower young people to be silent peacekeepers by awakening the unifying power of Nature within their own consciousness. In addition to programs to develop consciousness, the importance of mother tongue is emphasize as an essential educational technology to maintain one’s connection to Natural Law.